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Disco Shakers, Jewel Dust, Luster Dust & Pumps

Disco Shakers, Highlighter Dust, DiamonDust, Luster Dust & Pumps

Regular price $2.75
The Sugar Art Rainbow Disco Shaker is the best around! Sprinkle this onto any color icing, and you'll see the beautiful sparkles. Rainbow color is versatile and can be used on any color icing to get the sparkles you desire. Just a little glitter goes a long way. I enjoy adding it to my details.

* * * This product is non-toxic and for decorative use only * *

DiamonDust-All ingredients are FDA approved. So, so much sparkle! 

The Sterling Pearl™ line (Luster Dust) adds innovative visual effects to a wide range of culinary arts. It can be dry brushed on with a paint brush or airbrushed by diluting small amounts with an extract or liquor. It adds a shimmer and shine finish to cakes, fondant, chocolate, candies, and many more confections. Sterling Pearl™ colors are the only colors in the world that have been created using our patent-pending micro-blend technology. Micro-blend technology gives the color the perfect blend, allowing them to have the strongest pigmentation and giving them the most vibrant intense color in the world. Stearling Pearl is FDA approved.

Dust Pump (empty)-Simply pour your Rainbow Disco Shaker in the dust pump and easily apply glitter on your cookies! 

DiamonDust uses FDA approved ingredients

Highlighter dust is non-toxic, however, it is non-edible. For decorative purposes only. Please let your customers know this before adding it to your cookies. I like to add highlighter dust to anything the customer can easily take off of the cookie like a flower detail. 

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